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ShaToBu: Workout You Wear

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Many of us can’t find the time in the day to exercise with all of our daily activities. With an innovative design by ShaToBu to exercise without officially doing so, you can shape, tone, and burn calories with this garment.

ShaToBu is specifically designed to work on problematic areas of the tummy and thighs. It gives the appearance of ordinary control-top stockings, but it works your body while you go about your day. Research studies show that women wearing ShaToBu burned up to 12% more calories during everyday activities such as walking and climbing stairs. The way this shapewear works your body is that it has bands that are tight on certain areas to make your muscles work harder during their natural movement. With this practice throughout the day, you are in fact working on your muscle tone and the amount of calories you burn.

When I tried it out, I could really feel the effect it had on working out my mid-section. I spent the day doing ordinary activities and I still felt results.

ShaToBu shapewear comes in buff and jet black colors, sizes range from small to large-tall, with various construction types, and prices range between $50-60. Visit www. for more details.

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By Samantha Ewers

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