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Reynolds’ New Baked For You StayBrite Baking Cups

Baked for You Black & White Damask

I was recently invited to snack on finger sandwiches and tea at Greenwich Village’s Sweetie Pie restaurant with the women who know cupcakes. Reynold’s sponsored the event to announce their new fashionable line of Baked for You StayBrite baking cups that serve a multi-functional purpose.


Often times when we bake cupcakes, we find ourselves doubling up on cupcake liners, just to see that cute Sponge Bob design fade away into grease. Thanks to the creative and fashion-conscious designers at Reynolds, we can now keep our fun liner designs, use just one, and get this… you don’t even need a muffin pan! This I could not believe, so I put it to the test. The proof is in the cupcake batter. As you can see in the photographs, it is not necessary to own a muffin pan to make cupcakes. Could baking get much easier? The grease doesn’t soak through because the inside consists of foil (no teflon- Reynold’s has a big no-no rule about this). The cupcake comes out of the oven looking like a work of art.



The suggested retail for the new cupcake liners is $2.59 for a 36 liner count and will be available in supermarkets nationwide on May 1st. That’s pretty cost effective when you think about all of those times you’ve doubled and tripled up on liners, or even disposable muffin pans.

* Sample provided for review.
By Samantha Ewers

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