St. Ives’ Dr. Marsha Gordon Says Switch Cleansing Regime During Warmer Months


As the weather gets warmer, my breakouts and irritation become worse. To keep my skin acne-free all year round, should I be adjusting my regimen as the seasons change?

While many women need to adjust their skin care regimen as the seasons change, this can be especially true for women with acne-prone or oily skin. Your regimen that worked in the winter may leave skin feeling oily and clogged during the warmer months. In the spring, I recommend switching to a light, oil-free moisturizer and using a cleanser and scrub to help remove dead skin cells and keep pores clear.

I personally like the new St. Ives® Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser and Scrub, which contain a safe concentration of Salicylic Acid to effectively fight blemishes and reduce redness, while 100% natural Green Tea soothes skin.

Reader Question: Do you switch your cleansing routines throughout the year? I don’t. But after reading what Dr. Marsha Gordon has to say – I think I might change things up with each season.

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  1. I have acne-prone skin and this article really helps. I would try this product, though I'm currently using a green tea facial wash also.

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