First Look: Be & D’s New Fall Collection




Be & D invited INO to take a peak at their latest collection before it hit stores. New materials were used, as well as different takes on studs and buckles, which they’re famous for.

This collection included several large bags, for those of us that can’t get enough of them. Medicine bags were done in weathered leather. My favorite was a brown leather that gave the appearance of being used. With magnetic closures and stud detailing, this bag can be an everyday bag or can be used as a small over-nighter. One of the things I love about Be & D is their use of covered studs. They cover the studs in the same material as the bag so that only the shape of the studs are visible. I’ve never seen this done before or since and it lends a hard edge to the bag without being overly goth.

(Video taken with VADO Pocket Camera)

Be & D also mixed leather, fabric and chain for a look that’s feminine and strong. They did this for the handles of some bags and incorporated it into the design for belts, as well. Since we’re on the topic of belts, I have to mention their large belts. Made to cover the area between the bust and the waistline, these belts are wicked. I fell in love with a simple black leather one with buckles at the front. Wear this with a simple dress and your outfit has instant street cred. I also loved a skinnier belt that was made of layered open zippers.




Be & D is also known for their jaw-dropping shoes and this season’s offerings are no exception. The new Doo Ri collection was inspired by their bag collaboration from SS 10. This design lined the mouth of one stiletto bootie. For us New Yorkers that do more walking than anything else, there are flat boots done in that gorgeous weathered leather. They looked so comfortable. Zippered wedges with pointed studs at the back will be sure to lend an air of confidence to the lucky wearer.

To get your own slice of gorgeous, go to www.beandd.com.
Written by Tabitha

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