Figure Out What Bathing Suit Style Is Right For Your Body Type


While I would love to be the girl who could proudly wear a teeny bikini, after 2 kids and way too many Twinkies… it just ain’t happening. So let’s all pretend to be magicians and figure out the best bathing suit for each of our body types. I love how AOL put together this little shopping guide!


Personally, I am pear shaped – have been my whole life. I have super skinny arms and lower legs. It’s the middle that needs special attention. I love the third option they suggest – though I don’t think I’ve ever been in a one piece in my life. I’m more of a tank-ini kind of girl  (with a skirt).


Click here to check out the full article and figure out which bathing suit is best for your body type.

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  1. What if you're shaped like an orb? Ugh. I hate bathing suit weather! I really must buy one this year though because I'm going to use my mother's pool if it kills me.

  2. I am a pear. Love my tankini with the little skirt. Not that I buy bathing suits on a regular basis. My last was picked out by a good friend who I trust.

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