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Many parents find navigating their child’s ever-changing moods and feelings can be an emotional roller coaster for the entire family! One minute all is well and the next minute, a complete meltdown in the middle of the grocery store aisle has occurred! Yes, you’ve probably been there, and you are not alone! To help with such moments, and all of the moments in between, are Kimochis™… toys with feelings inside. Introducing Cloud, Bug, Cat, Lovey Dove, and Huggtopus! These 5 adorable plush characters teach young children how to safely explore their feelings, and help foster parent-child communication. Developed by Nina Rappaport Rowan, a mom-preneur who was struck with the horrible Columbine High School Incident, Kimochis™ were created to encourage a strong sense of self as little ones learn to express themselves in a positive way.

Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means “feeling” in Japanese, and each unique character arrives with 3 child-safe “feelings” – Happy, Cranky, and Curious, and a Feel Guide, complete with tips for parents and caregivers on how to connect with their tot during emotional moments. In addition, 2 Mixed Feelings packs are available to encourage more discussions, and within each pack is a blank “feeling” for your child to write her own feeling. Each Kimochis™ character costs $25, and the Mixed Feelings Packs are $12. Ages 3 and up. Pick out your Kimochi™ online at

*Company provided sample for this review.*

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