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Join INO Mommy’s Facebook Fan Page (Only Took Me 6 Months To Make One)

There was a time when I was really on top of all things technology. I swear – I was actually a business consultant. I created web pages for a living. I led focus groups, tested user interfaces, traveled around the country working for all of the top financial industry leaders.

And I don’t know how to make a Facebook Fan page. What is wrong with me?! I just spent the last hour trying to figure out how to start the group and add the RSS from INO Mommy. When did I fall behind? I swear – I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to do these things for me. LOL!

Ok – so both INO Mommy and I’m Not Obsessed now have Fan Groups on Facebook. I created them to give my readers an extra way to enter my contests! Thought it would be fun to change it up a bit. Not everyone wants to give their email address when entering a contest. So this is an alternative.

Now… I have to figure out how to get a link on my sidebar promoting this bad boy. I should get that up by December 2010. 🙂

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