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Womb for Two

Womb for Two Sciatica Relief Position

For mommies-to-be, comfort while sleeping or resting can be a challenge! With pregnancy comes swollen feet, ankles and legs, and that aching lower back pain that never seems to go away especially when you are trying to sleep! Getting a good night’s rest for expectant mothers can be nothing short of a nightmare.  Now thanks to a “dream come true” sleep system invented by a pregnant mother, soon-to-be moms are now sleeping like babies.  This new pillow system called Womb for Two was designed and created specifically with a woman’s pregnant body in mind.  This innovative combination of pillows not only provides comfort to the pregnant belly, it supports and eases tension for the entire body!

Womb for Two’s unique concept is made up of four distinct parts. They can be used together or in a combination of positions for the ultimate sleeping experience. There is a base cushion that is anything but basic!  It is shaped to help avoid heartburn, arm numbness and aching joints that pregnant women may experience. There is also a head and arm cushion made in part from memory foam that cradles the body perfectly for those sleeping on their side.  The back and belly wedges support women as they grow during pregnancy. Finally, the Leg-V relieves lower back and hip pain and reduces swelling in the feet and ankles. Found online at

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