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Rain Can’t Ruin A Princess Parade


What an INSANE week! I have to write individual posts about everything we did – but MAN did my kids have fun.

Today was a very long (very wet) eventful day. Princess Tiana from Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’ formally joined the Princess family and I was invited to the event.

We were told to bring our daughters dressed up as their favorite princesses to have tea and cookies with the entire bunch (from Mulan to Cinderella). Celebrities were ALL over the room (and I looked like I was going food shopping because I had NO IDEA it was such a big event). Tina Fey, Alessandra Ambrosia, Kelly Rutherford, Melissa Joan Hart, Nigel Barker, Anika Noni Rose (voice of Tiana), Jennifer Cody (voice of Charlotte) … and my personal favorite…. The NY Lotto guy. L-O-L!!

It took all my strength to NOT ask him to say his famous quote. All. My. Strength.  I’m waiting on pictures to post from the PR company. Will come over the next few days.

Natalie got to dance and take pictures with all of the princesses. She was in HEAVEN.

Then we went to my grandmother’s house because it was her 80th birthday. I just can’t believe it. We went out to eat and then had cake back home. Nice to see everyone.

I haven’t been on email in 3 days, so my inbox is erupting. Back to work tomorrow with LOTS AND LOTS of pictures.