Proctor And Gamble Presents Spring’s Beauty Must-Haves


Proctor and Gamble held an event recently to thoroughly introduce writers and bloggers to exciting new products that meet our women’s needs. The products displayed included Herbal Essences, Olay, Venus, Secret and Clairol.

P&G took what women really want into consideration with each of the products, and some in particular are really quite innovative. Secret Smooth Effects antiperspirant are designed for women to not only control odor but also allows you to shave less often. The deodorant conditions and lubricates the skin, softening the hair, and if used for seven days consistently, you may begin to notice that you’re shaving less often. This products comes in two great scents: Silky Botanical and Satiny Tropical. Shaving less often is always a great thing, which is why P&G’s Satin Care shave gel products allow you to get a closer and smoother shave, and they come in variations made especially for your skin condition.


Perhaps the most exciting product was from Venus, which recently debuted the Embrace, a razor with five blades that adjust to your curves and contours. The razor gives a smooth shave and it surrounded by a protected ribbon of moisture. I tried this razor myself, and it was like the first time I’ve ever shaved my legs. Unbelievably smooth. You can check out all of these products and local convenience stores everywhere.

By Samantha Ewers

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