The Daring Book For Girls Video Game

DGFD 3D Wii.DS Pak

I LOVE this game! Do you have a daughter who is too young to play the Wii on her own? This typically means that you are helping her along with whatever she needs to do and you end up playing the majority of the game. Right? RIGHT? It can’t just be me.

Well, here’s the solution!!




The Daring Game For Girls game is made for both the Wii and the DS. In it, your child will:

  • raft down the Amazon
  • climb Mt. McKinley
  • go on an African Safari
  • explore a schoolyard, neighborhood, and campground
  • learn fascinating facts while playing sports and games
  • tend to a garden
  • craft items in your workshop
  • sell goods and lemonade at your corner stand
  • make new friends

All on her own. If they wanted to just walk around the neighborhood and spend some time in a playground, they can do that as well. There is no intense storyline to follow and that makes this game an absolute must have for me and my 4 year old daughter.


Don’t get me wrong, if you wanted to get involved in a storyline, there is absolutely one available to follow. The more the Daring Girl talks to friends and completes projects the further along she gets on her quest. To become a true Daring girl, your daughter will have to earn all 6 types of Daring Girl Badges like Girl Lore, Life Skills and World Knowledge. This makes it a win-win for young and old alike.

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