Fishful Thinking – The Ingredients For Raising Positive, Confident Kids


I was invited to attend Pepperidge Farm’s ‘Fishful Thinking‘ event this week with a handful of other NYC mommy bloggers. Everyone knows what a disaster I was a few days ago after chopping all my hair off and I was actually unable to make the event. Lucky for all of us, Pepperidge Farm sent me over the presentation to review.

So what is Fishful Thinking?

Basically it’s an online parenting resource that provides simple, everyday, fun strategies that parents can use to help raise children with a positive outlook on life and who can confidently handle the challenges that come their way. Click here to check it out.



The site offers articles, activities, quizzes, videos and sharing opportunities to help moms enrich the little moments of parenting every day. 60% of moms maintain that raising kids is harder today compared to when they were growing up. That’s why this website was put it place – to lighten our load.

The highest rated sources of worry for those moms were:

* Kids growing up too fast
* Too much social/peer pressure
* Concerns for children’s safety
* Too much exposure to disturbing world events, and
* Popular culture not being in line with their family values

Yeah, I’m pretty much in agreement with all of those.

As a brand trusted by moms for more than 40 years, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish knows how hard parenting can be and understands the pressures that go along with it. That’s why, since 2004, the brand has partnered with positive psychology expert and mother of four, Dr. Karen Reivich, to provide moms with valuable information and resources to support their tireless efforts to raise kids who are confident, resourceful and have a positive attitude.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

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