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Holy Smokes! The Best Birthday Cake Designs EVAH


Parenting Magazine has really outdone itself. They just posted 61 different birthday cakes along with the instructions on how to make them. Can you imagine having a party and whipping one of these bad boys out at the end? Makes my sprinkled cupcakes seem like a waste of time! LOL



Click here and here for the full list. Which one is your favorite?

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  1. WOw, amazing! 🙂
    I liked ladybirds muffins, butterfly cake, horse cake. I thought purse cake looked fab 🙂
    Also fish tank, birdhouse,cherry pie

  2. I love them all! Have you guys watched that Ace Of Cakes show? I'm obsessed with it! LOL

  3. I LOVE the pirate ship, My step son will be 6 in April and is having a pirate party… so guess who's making the cool cake? ME!!

    Thanks for the tips, I'm starting up a volunteer organization to make cakes for homeless/foster kids and this is a WONDERFUL resource!


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