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Oh Plah™!

Oh Plah Pink with babyOh Plah Harmony Peacock Blue

Moms and babies will love Oh Plah™! – a stylish toy and teething cuff that can be worn by mom while out and about! For the little one that gnaws on everything, Oh Plah™! stays securely on mom’s wrist for those times when a clean object is needed to entertain and soothe baby! Super squishy, babies can chomp, bite and gum on this cool accessory when teething.

Even more impressive is that Oh Plah™! is free of lead, latex, BPA, PVC, phthlates and paint! Made in the USA, this eco-friendly toy is the winner of 7 industry awards and has been recognized with the Toy Man’s eco-seal. Oh Plah™! is also 100% recyclable., and once your child has outgrown its’ use, the company pays to have the Oh Plah™! shipped back to them to recycle into new products.

This bendable, twistable, wearable cuff comes in a smattering of 6 colors & styles and costs $19.99.

*Company sent sample for review.*

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