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Zuvo Water Purator

Zuvo Water Purator - kitchen setting

Moms everywhere will love the Zuvo Water Purator! This revolutionary home water filtration system fits easily on a kitchen countertop and provides the whole family with clean water for drinking and cooking. Zuvo was recently awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award for best new green products. Sleek in design and simple to install, this cost-effective device eliminates the use of bottled water, which in turn helps to reduce the 32.8 billion water bottles that end up in landfills every year! Plus, parents are concerned about the safety of the plastics used in the production of bottled water which potentially leach unsafe chemicals into their children’s tiny bodies. With the Zuvo Water Purator, your tap  water becomes safe for consumption again! $299.99

*Company sent a sample for review.*

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