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I Hosted A Suave Styling Party



Companies are coming out with new and fun ways to get their samples into the hands of writers. Suave offered to send a hair stylist to my house to prove that their products are just as good as any other salon brand and BOY did we have fun!!


I invited several of my friends (some of which were camera shy – sorry about not having pics of them) for some lunch and a new hair style. Most of the people I know go to Chrissy from Salon Beyond (516 294-6790) so I invited her as the stylist for the day. She’s my new lady! I’m going to see her this week for a haircut -but I digress.





Chrissy got to work. I was wearing a dark shirt and I asked her if the hairspray would flake on it when he combed out the curlers she put in my hair. She said, “If it’s good hairspray it won’t.” So we waited… and you know what? It didn’t FLAKE! It was just as good as the professional grade that most salon’s carry. Only it’s a fraction of the price. And who doesn’t need to save money these days? It’s all about being an informed consumer. Don’t fall into the hype that it has to be expensive to work.


We all took turns eating and getting styled with Suave.  Those who needed curlers went first and this is what we looked like while waiting. LOL!!! A friend just happened to stop by unannounced and I opened the door looking like this. He was speechless.  I told him that’s how I looked everyday while at home. 🙂



We had a few baby emergencies during the way – so here are the final results of some of the girls who attended and remained at the end of the day. I mean… unbelievable! We all joked that we had nothing to do yesterday and wished there was some sort of function to attend. Cheryl, the girl on the right, went food shopping even though she didn’t have to just to show off her newly styled hair. And thankfully she ran into some she knew and was able to talk about how great the Suave line is.

So what products did we use?


All of these are available online or at your local discount store. Most of the women who came to my house yesterday said they were currently USING the brand at home. When it works it works. Thank goodness we don’t have to break the bank to have great hair with Suave.

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  1. You look beautiful! I use Suave conditioner, and it works great! I don't usually put a lot of stuff in my hair. I need to get new hairspray, though, and I'll probably get Suave.

    On another note, I love looking at the pictures you have hanging in your house, and I saw the botton of a wedding picture, do you have one on your computer you could share? I would love to see one! 🙂

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