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Wonka Launches New Candy Bar With AnnaLynne McCord And Matthew Settle



What a party! I told you last night was a bit insane. Dylan’s Candy Bar hosted a launch party for Wonka’s new Candy Bar and celebrities like AnnaLynne McCord (90210) and Matthew Settle (Gossip Girl) came to have a sweet time.

Get it? Sweet time. Yeah – I”m funny like that.

If you are a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ fan you are wondering if there are any golden tickets involved. The answer is YES!!! When they handed me a bar I clenched it and brought it to my chest to keep it safe so I could run home and show it to my four bedridden grandparents.

Open it Charlie! Open it.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating… a bit. But I did get this nostalgic feeling that brought me back to my childhood. Little fact about me I just have to share. Every Lent my mother would give up chocolate. I’m talking my whole entire life – the woman would give up the same thing no matter what. And every year… the day Lent started… I would sit her down and make her watch ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ with me. If you remember the movie, you know the opening credits alone can drive a woman insane. It was tortuous!! I guess I was a mean little kid looking back. Sorry mom.



Anyway – I went with my friend Victoria and our men. We had A TON OF FUN. We actually attended all three events that night together. Loud as can be and embarrassing for the majority of the evening. But we didn’t have our kids with us – so we were all FREE AS BIRDS.



The party itself was packed and Dylan’s naturally had a few treats lined up for the guests to enjoy. I think I had about 10 of those donuts. But whose counting!?

If you want to enter to win the Golden Ticket sweepstakes, click here to visit Wonka.com. As the good people say “No Purchase Necessary”.


So what’s all the fuss about? Wonka introduced the ‘Chocolate Waterfall Bar‘, the ‘Domed Dark Bar‘ and the Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar – all exclusively available at Dylan’s!

PS – say that last one three times fast.

Speaking of Dylan – she was naturally in attendance and was very friendly. I spoke to her for a bit and told her that my children had their joint birthday party last year at her Long Island store. She was so happy to hear the news.  What a pleausre!

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  1. Love 3rd and 4th(especially) photos:-)))
    Evening sounds like a good fun! Glad you went and enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks! I really did have a good time. I haven't gone to the city since all my migraine issues started happening. So it was a nice feeling to know I won't get sick every time I head in. 🙂

  3. You both have very cute men! I think Annalynne is so cute and sooooo tiny. Did you get to meet her? Is she as sweet as she looks? The Oompa Lumpas are a bit scary though, lol

  4. Thanks! I briefly met her – and when I say briefly I mean a quick hello. When they say the camera puts on 10 pounds – they aren't lying. She is THINNER than the pics in person. My eyes couldn't believe it. I wouldn't look at the Oompas in the face – I don't know why – but i felt like they were being exploited. Even though they took the job, it made me feel uncomfortable.

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