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    A Quiet Valentine’s Day


    I’ve decided to start writing my personal blog posts on INOmommy instead of hiding it on I’m Not Obsessed. After all, isn’t that what Mommy blogging is all about? I’ve asked my developer to let comments BACK on this site (it’s like a ping pong match isn’t it? I turn them on – and then off – on and then off). So we have to wait a bit before that actually happens.

    Last night we returned from Disney and I just about collapsed into my front door. You aren’t going to believe this but one of my neighbors SHOVELED out my house for us!! She did my house and our friend’s house who lives right next door to me. They had a snow blower and went to town. I think my neighborhood got 15 inches or so. I owe her my third child should I ever have one.

    We started doing laundry right away, threw the kids in the tub and I started implementing what I learned during my Disney trip all thanks to Hanes. That trip deserves a more detailed explanation and it will most certainly get one during an upcoming giveaway I’m doing on I’m Not Obsessed.


    (Yes, I stole this picture from Chris Brogan. He lives in Boston so he can’t do anything about it. LOL!)

    I made some really great friends – especially Colleen from Classy Mommy. She was as sweet as pie and her kids were simply ADORABLE!! We were placed in the same group together and our children really enjoyed one another (for most of the time).  I also have to give a special shout out to Erika from Chic Shopper Chick and Daddy Brad from Dad Labs. Erika and I cried to one another in a corner behind a plant – talk about bonding!! And my family went out with Brad’s family for a quiet dinner one of the nights on the Boardwalk. Really great people!


    Social Media is amazing because you get to meet people you NEVER would have otherwise. But what do you do when you want to meet them again for dinner or a cup of coffee? Erika lives in New Orleans, Chris is in Boston, Colleen is in Pennsylvania and Brad is in Texas! Talk about frequent flier miles!! 😉

    Rounding out my group was Lori from A Cowboy’s Wife (who had her three sons with her that tipped their hats whenever they met someone new) and Monica from Mommy Brain (who had her bag stolen from her while she was taking a picture – POOR THING!!)

    I digress…

    Bill ran out this morning and got me flowers and a Starbucks tea – he knows how to get this girl good doesn’t he? He also got me a spa certificate to this new place that I haven’t tried yet. Hot stones here I come!!! The kids made us cards and I put on a huge pot of turkey chili. It’s going to be a very quiet day.

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