Jennie Garth Teaches Us How To Get Our Kids To Eat Broccoli

Jennie Garth took part in a conference call promoting Garden Party, an original digital series from NBC Universal Digital Studio and the makers of Hidden Valley Ranch to help parents figure out better ways to get their kids to eat vegetables.

How did this project come your way?

Well, you know, I did have such a great time doing Garden Party. I didn’t know that I would get to interact so much with the kids but we ended up in the middle of a field in LA and we were totally gardening and eating vegetables all day. We had so much fun.

How I got involved was, you know, a lot of people my age are moms. And so I’m a pretty recognizable face for a certain age woman and people that grew up watching Beverly Hills 90210, the original show. And so now a lot of us women have kids.

And one of the, you know, big issues is how to get – make sure our kids are eating healthy. And I know I struggle with it with my own kids. And I love to talk to other women about, you know, relevant issues and this is definitely a relevant issue so they came to me and asked me to do this Web series and ended up being a really fun time.

What are some of your favorite vegetables?

Oh my gosh I love sugar snap peas and asparagus. I love every vegetable I swear to you. When I was doing this series standing out in these beautiful fields full of fresh vegetables I was going crazy because there were gorgeous vegetables all around me.

And so I introduced – I got introduced to several vegetables that I’d never even heard of. I can’t remember the names of them right now but like Japanese turnips and crazy things. And they were so delicious straight out of the field. And so I love – we cook a lot of carrots and broccoli stuff like that at my house, you know, kid-friendly vegetables.

What is the most dreaded veggie in your household? What’s the one that the kids just run for, you know, the halls screaming?

I don’t know. You know, I can’t really get them to eat asparagus. I try. But there’s no like, you know, Brussels sprouts horror stories happening here because I really only cook the things that I know that they’re going to eat; why waste my time cooking things that they’re going to just spit out?

So it’s – it’s all copacetic here; we’re all eating vegetables at every meal and I’m definitely – I stress the importance of them having a balanced diet.

Why is it important for children to learn where their food comes from or even how to grow their own?

Well I think it gives them a sense of sort of investment, you know, they care about what, you know, when you teach your kids instead of just sort of preaching to them, when you teach them about why something is good for them they want to do the right thing. Kids have this inherent quality to want boundaries and they want to do the right thing.

So when they know how good for them eating fresh vegetables from the garden is instead of, you know, packaged and processed foods they want to take care of themselves and they want to be healthy and strong and be able to run and play. So this is, you know, it’s vital information to children to parents to teach their kids that what they’re eating and how it’s affecting their body and their performance at school, you know.

What have you found is the easiest way to introduce vegetables into your children’s diet and make it fun for them?

Well the, you know, the old go-to for any mom is to dip it in the Hidden Valley Ranch because that stuff like’s magic. It tastes really good and kids think that they’re having a treat but really they’re getting the nutrients from the vegetables and it really makes it a little easier.

To find out more about the series, click here.

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