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A New Mother's Prayers

Dancing with my Daughter

A Mother of Sons

Midnight Rendezvous 

It is with something less than

maternal goodwill that I crawl,
asleep and annoyed,
from my coveted bed
to silence your angry screams
violating the night.
We rock in the chair
that has been ours since
the very beginning,
ensconced in
Great-Grandmother’s afghan and
the DVD player’s ghostly green light.
Mute now, but for
periodic, pitiful whimpers,
you cling to me like some
abandoned creature reclaimed.
Clinging back,
I am EveryMother,
an all-knowing, all-bestowing,
all-loving, all-forgiving
paragon of matriarchal perfection.
Feeling your sweet, soundless breaths
tease the tangles of hair
on the back of my neck,
my last trace of irritation
over interrupted sleep
dissipates in a hug, a kiss,
and a smile.
You will never remember
these midnight moments together;
I will never forget.
From A Mother of Sons (Loyola Press)  

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