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Weight Watchers Offers Up New Year’s Eve Tips


It’s coming up… the big party. Want to stay on track with your new healthy lifestyle. Check out these Weight Watchers’ tips for surviving the late night festivities.

  1. Physically stay away from the food and the bar if you can. Don’t sit at the bar. Make yourself have to walk back through the crowd to get another drink or some food.
  2. Make sure you’re dancing and talking. Walk from one party to the next, if you can, to get a little more exercise. “Stay on the dance floor because it’s burning calories, keeping you away from the drinks and you’re having fun.
  3. Socialize. The more you can be distracted from the food, the better. And if you can’t see it, you won’t want it as much.
  4. Be choosy about what you eat that night and make it special. Eat the stuff you’d never usually eat. Make it count.
  5. Develop a healthful eating plan for the day.
  6. Get more exercise than usual.
  7. Increase your fluid intake.
  8. Stay in the moment. Don’t beat yourself up over what you consume today or any other day.
  9. Stay positive. This is about progress…not perfection.
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