Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular – A MUST This Holiday Season

New York at Christmas Cropped2

Ready for brutal honesty? I used to hate ‘The Christmas Spectacular’ at Radio City Music Hall. When I was a child, my family would go every year and I was NOT HAPPY about it. Eventually, I stopped going and would stay home while my entire house would take the train in and enjoy their holiday tradition.

Now that I have kids of my own, I thought to give the show another shot. After all, it’s been AGES since I’ve attended – I’m talking 20 years!!!



While some of the original routines are still present, they really updated the show to appeal to my generation. 3D movies, huge video screen that at one point blew my mind, and lots of Santa numbers. There’s a part in the show where the Rockettes get on a NY tour bus and behind them the video becomes the streets surrounding the building. The video was so clear that at times I had to remind myself what I was seeing wasn’t real. I’m serious.

It was also great to see my kids watching the show as well. Their mouths would drop and their eyes would fill with excitement every time Santa came on stage. Add flying streamers, light effects and dancing ballerina bears and you have yourself the perfect holiday storm.


AH-MAZING. It retained my kids’ attention the entire time too because it shot from one skit to another. And NO BREAKS which is a parents’ dream come true. Once intermission hits, my children completely shut down. Thank goodness Radio City did away with their 15 minute break.

If you are planning on visiting NYC this holiday season, be sure to include ‘The Christmas Spectacular’ on your list of things to see. I’ve gone to several functions at the venue in my life. A variety of concerts, Dora the Explorer, and even the Sex and the City premiere (yes, I went) – but last weekend I made a memory with my kids that I will never forget.

Can’t wait to go next year!

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