Loaded Questions


“Loaded Questions” is a board game in which the fun is limited only by the players themselves, making it the perfect small-budget, big-laughter entertainment option for family and friends. Borrowing elements from “Trivial Pursuit,” “the Newlywed Game,” and even perhaps “Scattergories,” the game asks how well the players know each other and/or are willing to reveal.

“Loaded Questions”  consists of more than 2,000 queries in four categories: Hypotheticals, Anything Goes, No-Brainers, and Personals. The “spinner” asks a question from one of the cards and the other players scribble down their answers. The answers are then read by one of the players while the “spinner” has to figure out which player gave which answer.

It’s the perfect ice breaker for work functions, dinner parties, or even those sometimes awkward holiday get-togethers.

The game comes in four editions: Classic, Political, Adult, and a new Traveling edition just introduced this year.

“Loaded Questions” is available on-line at or at Target, Toys “R” Us, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and hundreds of specialty.

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