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Hyp-Yoga combines yoga and hypnosis to help individuals make positive life changes, such as improving sleep, reducing stress, increasing energy, etc. Hyp-Yoga begins with a yoga session, opening up the body and calming the mind with expansive, full-body poses and deep breathwork. The resulting relaxation and openness makes the gentle hypnosis (on topic of choice) that follows incredibly effective.

Founded by a certified hypnotherapist and yoga instructor, Hyp-Yoga was designed to help people at any fitness level achieve their specific goals. Hyp-Yoga classes are taught at yoga and fitness studios nationwide, with tons of locations in the founder’s home state of Nebraska, as well as in Milwaukee WI, Kansas City MO, Naples FL, and Carlsbad CA, with more cities being added regularly (a bunch in CA in Nov/Dec).

The programs are also available for at-home use with Hyp-Yoga’s DVDs, CDs, and MP3s. The 5 CD/MP3 editions include: Freedom from Emotional Eating, Sleeping Better, Learning to Flow (Stress Prevention), Increased Energy, and Living in the Present Moment.

The 6-Week Weight Loss DVD includes guided yoga sessions followed by hypnosis, as well as tips and tricks to help change behaviors, a nutrition guide, and a yoga poses poster.

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