The Great Piggy Bank Adventure


It’s just about time to be home for the holidays and that means kids will also be home from school on winter break! Learning does not have to halt with the break, and now there is an interactive and fun way to learn while spending time together.


The Great Piggy Bank Adventure Presented by T. Rowe Price provides the perfect opportunity to spend time learning and having fun together! The online game found at is a great way to start conversations about important financial issues. You can then incorporate activities done together over the holidays to further develop your child’s financial skills.

Easy exercises you can share with your child would be:

* On your next trip to the grocery store, ask your kids help you gather items that are just on the list (goal) you have created
* Encourage your child to help you find a gift for a family member in a specific price range
* After playing The Great Piggy Bank Adventure online, have your child set a goal from monetary gifts or allowances they received during the holidays

What fun!

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