Helpful Tips

Trying To Spend The Holidays On A Budget?


Denise Winston, Money and Time Saving expert, has come up with several tips to get us through this holiday season while remaining on a budget.

1. Set your budget.

2. Make a list of people to whom you will be giving gifts.

3. Allocate an amount from your budget for each person.

4. List gift ideas for each person.

5. Take the list with you whenever you leave the house.

6. Shop for gifts and log the amount spent on each.

7. Keep all receipts in an envelope (with you, if possible).

8. If you find the same gift for a lower price and have the receipt with you, you might be able to get the previous store to match the lower price and refund the difference. If not, you might consider purchasing the lower-priced gift and returning the more expensive one.

9. Consider raising money to pay for gifts instead of charging items to your credit card. The amount of money you raise can determine your holiday budget.

10. Sell or recycle some of your household goods to put extra holiday cash in your pocket: take clothes to a consignment store; sell your old video games, DVDs or CDs to the store and buy new used ones; take cans/bottles/etc. to the recycling center; sell items on Craigslist; host “pampered chef” or candlelight parties and give your hostess gifts away to others; give your unused music downloads as a gift.

11. Use store coupons and online promo codes.

12. Wrap gifts and attach name tags or use a marker to identify who each gift is for.

Enjoy the holidays—and know that you’ve stayed within your budget! To find out more about Denise or to download some of her worksheets, click here.

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