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Baby Daze


baby daze creates user-friendly organizational tools for moms to maintain their mental health. Avoid the wasted moments looking for scraps of paper with vital numbers or the panicked thoughts of “when did I _____?”

Main products are:

3rd Edition baby daze log book ($19.95)- It features 8-sections for everything a new or expectant parent will encounter when caring for a newborn. From gift tracking, to feeding, diapering, medical information and a host of other vital kinds of “baby data”, baby daze centralizes all the information a sleep-deprived mom can’t remember, but can’t afford to forget.

sitter slips ($6.99)– a notepad designed to make sure that a parent remembers to communicate everything they want the sitter to know, and then helps the sitter remember everything without having to commit it to memory. Bedtime routines, how to contact the parent (phone or text if you are at the theater), definite no-no’s and food allergies.

packing pals ($3.99) – packing for two can be challenging if your brain is firing on all cylinders. These handy sticky pads help make sure that you have everything you need for an overnight or a longer trip.

Available on and baby daze.

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