LeapFrog Zippity


With bad winter weather right around the corner, LeapFrog’s Zippity System is a great way for kids to burn off some of that excess energy and incorporate learning. LeapFrog and Disney have joined forces to create the Zippity Learning System—the first TV-based gaming system for preschoolers that combines full-body movement, music, education and fun.

Kids can dance, jump and move with characters from Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Disney Little Einsteins, Winnie the Pooh and more. As they groove and play, kids can gain a greater understanding of core preschool skills such as math, language and music.

The Zippity system leads kids through eight lively learning games that use an interactive mat for lower-body movement—such as running, dancing, jumping and marching—and a tummy-high joystick, or “bopper,” for upper-body action—such as moving left, right, forward and back.



The only problem is teaching your children to wait their turn. But that’s not really LeapFrog’s issues  now is it? My children go ballistic for this game. We have to have a little sit down prior to starting it up to remind them about the meaning of sharing!

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