201 Things To Do When Children Say I’M BORED!


Today’s families are incredibly busy. Everyone has a hectic schedule – mom, dad, even the kids. Staying connected takes effort, but with everyone running in different directions, it’s hard to make sure special moments occur. Now there is a fantastic resource to help make childhood years magical and secure.

* A user-friendly resource great for parents, grandparents, teachers, nannies and babysitters.
* 67 colorful pages filled with creative ideas for keeping children occupied written by a former schoolteacher and mother of three.
* Ideas cover all ages, from 3 to 16.
* Newly updated version of 201 Things to Do When Children Say I’M BORED! is not just a list of ideas. It’s also a shared family journal!
* You add photos, drawings, and comments as you go along so that the book becomes a precious keepsake, a treasured heirloom that generations to come will appreciate.

201 Things to Do…was written with the busy family in mind. Unlike overwhelming journaling and scrapbooking projects, this book eliminates the pressure of completing the impossible. Instead, you glide right into the fun. You won’t find any fluff. There’s no chance for information overload. This book is one of the most down-to-earth books you’ll ever find.

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$14.95 plus shipping for soft cover; $12.95 downloadable e-book.

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