F-Secure Internet Security Contest – $500 In Target Gift Cards


The holiday shopping season has arrived, and I’m sure a lot of you busy moms will be doing plenty of online shopping to help save some time and avoid those crazy holiday crowds!

While online shopping can be a lifesaver, you need to make sure to take precautions before typing in your credit card number. If a computer isn’t properly protected, online shopping can lead to identity theft, stolen credit card data and more! Online shopping on a protected computer = fun. Online shopping on a vulnerable, virus-infected computer = not fun at all!

For 3 lucky winners, F-Secure is going to make sure online shopping stays fun and they’re going to FUND some online shopping, too! One grand prize winner will receive a free copy of F-Secure Internet Security 2010 and a $300 Target gift card. Two runner-ups will each receive a copy of F-Secure Internet Security 2010 and a $100 Target gift card.

To ensure that everyone’s holiday shopping stays fun, F-Secure Internet Security has provided 10 Ways To Protect Yourself While Holiday Shopping Online. You can also purchase F-Secure Online Backup and Internet Security 2010, which are both on sale for only $59.99 – savings of 45%! Click  to purchase.

To enter this contest, please leave a comment on this post with the tip from “10 Ways To Protect Yourself” that you found most useful.

If you want an extra entry, tweet the following message (in your comment please leave your Twitter handle) and I will count it as a second chance entry:

Just entered the holiday online shopping giveaway sponsored by F-Secure Internet Security on #INO

Contest ends November 28th.

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  1. Monitor your credit cards and checking accounts is one tip!
    What a timely prize giveaway drawing…..
    Many thanks, Cindi

  2. reading the fine print. there are so many times when people see (including me) a good deal and get overly excited that they don’t read all the details. Chances are when a deal is good to be true, it probably is. better safe than sorry i always say

  3. My favorite tip is Use virtual credit card numbers. I think not many people know how this works, so it was a good one to discuss!

  4. Make sure you check your accounts constantly, that you are virus free, that you trust the website.

  5. I found #2. “Monitor your credit card and checking accounts” most useful!

  6. practice phishing–something i did not pay much attention to! But definitely helped. 🙂

  7. 2. Monitor your credit card and checking accounts
    I have had my identity stolen before and by always monitoring my accounts I was able to catch it quickly!!

  8. Practice smart password security
    Use different passwords for every account. Make your passwords unique and not guessable based off personal data. Change your passwords every few months. That’s a lot to remember, right? Our Labs folk recommend that you come up with a personal code to identify which password goes to which site. Then write those suckers down. Yep, write them down.

  9. I think most important of all is “Monitor your credit card and checking accounts” constantly.

  10. My favorite tip would have to be Tip #2 – Monitor your credit card and checking accounts.

    Most banks will issue you an automatic credit for unauthorized charges so it’s important to check everyday. It’s something I do as part of my morning routine. I check my checking account and my credit card accounts.

  11. The best tip for me was #4, use virtual credit cards…I never even knew these existed and I shop online all the time! Definitely a useful tip!
    Tweeted! @whateverputo

  12. Much like other comments, monitor your credit cards and checking accounts. I have made it part of my daily routine, when the coffee is brewing in the morning I am on the computer checking everything.

  13. most of these tips are common sense, and things i already do- except for using virtual cards. i’ve never even thought about it, but it’s a wonderful tip- thanks!

  14. Most useful tip: READ THE FINE PRINT (so many people jump over this, but I’ve seen it backfire so many times!)

    Twitter: @candicewirth

  15. I thought the information on phishing was interesting. I think I am going to check out the phishing quiz.

  16. Think this is definately a helpful reminder and important!
    2. Monitor your credit card and checking accounts Report any unauthorized use of your accounts to your bank or account holder at once.

  17. #2 – Monitor your cc and checking accts constantly. I do this – gives me great peace of mind.

  18. 3. Make sure any site is secure before entering account information
    Before you fill out any form, check the URL of the page you are on. You are looking for two things. First, make sure the address includes an “s” after the http like this https://. The extra “s” is for a secure connection. Then check to make sure that you are at a site you know and trust. Not sure if a site is legit? Google it or check it out on or

    I never knew this and after reading the 10 tips, I’ve started checking all my sites are secure!! I have always been wondering weather or not there was a way to find out. Thanks!!
    Chloe (

  19. 4. Use virtual credit card numbers
    I never thought of doing that! That’s a good one.
    Especially right now since everyone is going to be pulling out the credit cards like crazy! I will so have to keep that in mind next time I go on a virtual shopping spree.
    But there’s lots of other good tips on that list too!

  20. 9. Double check any suspicious retailer

    I follow a message board for expectant mothers and someone posted a website that was offering free nursing covers (you just had to pay for shipping). I jumped on the deal, then started researching and found out some people had their credit card numbers stolen from the website. Thankfully, I had used Paypal, but it taught me a good lesson. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is (or is worth researching before purchasing!).

  21. Always use a good credit card online it’s easier to stop and get charges removed if something fraduelnt starts. Plus none of your acually money is removed from your hands.

  22. I found the rule about shipping/returning policies to be the most helpful. I often feel like I’ll find a deal online and order it, but when it arrives and its broken or not what I expected it to be, returning the product is much more of a hassle than it would have been had I just gone to the store and spent a few bucks more. I guess you gotta be sure that what your ordering is what you are wanting/getting when ordering online.

  23. 2. Monitor your credit card and checking accounts.

    This is the most important, to me anyway. It’s really suprising how many people don’t monitor their accounts and spending on a regular basis. Your giveaway is a great idea! Being a blessing but at the same time educating! =-)

  24. 7. Check shipping facts and policies.
    I also always look at the RETURN POLICY. Yikes. I actually work in ecommerce, and I can’t even tell you how many people I talk to have no idea what the return policy is. I know it’s exciting to find a great deal, but if you just take two minutes to read about the company’s policies, you’ll be so much better off. Thanks for the tips!

  25. I didn’t know you could use virtual credit card numbers, that’s awesome to know

  26. 9. Double check any suspicious retailer

    There are alot of suspicios websites out there… I shared this with my mom who is a little too trusting.

    Twitter: Kellb0b

  27. Read the fine print! It seems like there are always “hidden” agendas on everything, so this is a great reminder. I had no clue about the eBay scam mentioned!

  28. Keep your security secure. So many people forget to be careful on sharing Sociacl security numbers!

  29. I liked the Use Virtual Credit Card Numbers Trick. This is useful! Especially since virtual credit card numbers expire, so they are only good for so long, which means less chance of them getting into the wrong hands. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. #2 Monitor your accounts. I do this on a regular basis ever since a free product request ended up costing me around $60. One time I had to get a new debit card ’cause I coulsn’t get a company to”unsubscribe” me. VERY expensive lesson learned. ;-/

  31. OOPS! Forgot to leave my Twitter I.d.: @MusicChick2 Happy SAFE Holidays to all! 😀

  32. @justpinchme Tweeted:

    Latest: @imnotobsesed Just entered the holiday online shopping giveaway sponsored by F-Secure Internet Security on http://inom

  33. Practice smart password security…I am sure this is one that gets by lots of people.

  34. I didn’t know that people could sell you the picture of an item on e-bay as opposed to the actual item. Make sure you know what you’re paying for!

  35. Be careful of digital signatures
    In the United States and several other countries, a digital signature is the same as a physical signature. Entering a digital signature enters you into a legal contract. Make sure you’re ok with the consequences of your click before pressing submit.

  36. Read the fine print!
    I have skimmed over the fine print so many times and gotten into so much trouble a time or two. Now I always read the fine print.

    thank you

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