Hammie-Downz Contest – Enter To Win!

ForeverAlls Gift Front View

Enter to win an adorable Hammie-Downz- Forever- Alls Gift Set ($60 value!)

It’s a girl . . . It’s a boy . . . It’s the perfect gift for both!

I had the opportunity to see this gift given at a baby shower recently, and it was a huge hit! So cute and unique. Now I know what to give for upcoming baby shower gifts!

The Forever-Alls gift set is fast becoming the gift that new mommies everywhere want to make sure is remembered to be brought to their baby shower. The special pair of 100% cotton denim overalls are meant to be worn by your baby during the learning to crawl and walk months. When outgrown, they are returned to the beautiful keepsake tin box to be stored and then, “Handed Down” to your baby’s children. Your child will learn to crawl and walk in them, and so will theirs! You’ll love the colorful name tag sewn inside the overalls where you can record the names and birth years of all of the children who wear them.

“If you show up to the shower with this gift, you will steal the show!” –

Gift set also includes:

  • Forever-Alls laundry marker
  • “The Legend of Hammie Downz” storybook
  • The tale of a humble clothes making pig whose clothes were so well made they could be handed down again and again.
  • 11” x 17” Family Tree – (suitable for framing and hanging on the nursery wall)
  • 6” Super Soft Hammie Downz Plush Pig

How do I enter?

1. Visit the Hammie-Downz website.

2. After reviewing the site, Choose your favorite of the five testimonials on the site (can be identified by descending number –1,2,3,4,5)

3. Comment here which is your favorite and why.

Winner will be drawn randomly on: November 20th, 2009

Also, while on the site you can read the entire “Legend of Hammie Downz” storybook to your child, and print a complimentary 8.5” x 11” Family Tree!

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  1. I like comment #1, it truly belongs at every baby shower.
    This gift is amazing! I saw it given at a shower last month. Everyone at the party kept passing it around and stopped paying attention to the other gifts that were being opened!

  2. Comment #1, definitely! The comparison between a picnic without potato salad and a baby shower without Hammie-Downz is brilliant.
    What a great gift!!!

  3. My favorite testimonial is #5, because I can totally relate to her sentiments of starting something that will be passed on within a family for many years. What a great story, what a great heirloom, what a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  4. I like # 4 the best! I love to give my friends new babies presents that they will remember forever – “Auntie Tracy gave me this when I was born”. It’s a way to stay a part of them without actually being related! Thanks for the contest

  5. I liked comment five the best. I’m currently carrying my first, and probably only child, and would love to have something to pass down to their child. Every little thing we purchase, we make sure it’s of great quality so it holds up well throughout the years. Every little thing will be sentimental to us.

  6. I like testimonial #5. Growing up, we had a lot of hand-me-downs, especially me since I was the youngest of three. Now that my first niece is about to be born, I have been looking for gifts that can be passed on and on and on, like I had as a child, and you can bet that Adriana (soon to be born niece) will be getting a pair.

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