Rainbow Brite Is Back – But Different


I’m all about bringing back toys from the 80s. It’s such a pleasure to watch my daughter play with things that I used to love in the 80s. HOWEVER, I don’t understand why everything has to change. Rainbow Brite has launched back into action and she is more of a teen than a little tot.

What do you think about all of the revisions that are being made on the classics?





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  1. It makes me sad that they think little girls need them to look like teens to hold their interest. Teens aren’t going to play with these – little girls are, kwim? I loved Rainbow Brite and still have some of the toys – my daughter played with them when she was old enough, too. 🙂 My poor little Twink (the white fuzzy guy) is pretty dirty now and has seen better days. lol

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