Playmobil: The Secret Of Pirate Island



The first ever animated movie from Playmobil – and it’s about PIRATES. My children are EXPLODING with exciting. We are fan favorites of the rough seas, parrots and walking the plank at the Sweeney household.

I give you Playmobil: The Secret of Pirate Island.

Your favorite Playmobil toys have come to life for the very first time, in an all-new swashbuckling adventure and you’re invited to join them! You’ll have a treasure chest full of fun with seven-year-old Jack and his big sister Amelia as they stow away on a pirate ship headed for the mysterious Skull Island – a place filled with treasure and curious creatures. Can Jack and Amelia stay one step ahead of a bunch of wacky skeletons and get to the treasure before the pirates do? Interactive DVD includes: Interactive video version (approx. 90 mins); Captain Gruff’s Favorite Movie (approx. 50 mins) and a Pirate Sing-A-Long.

Click here to check out Playmobil’s interactive site!

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