Care Bears: Bear Buddies


If you knew how many times I have to watch Care Bears: Bear Buddies in a row on a daily basis – you wouldn’t believe me. This DVD is literally my daughter’s FAVORITE movie of the moment. I’m actually not complaining as I am a true child of the 80s.

Care Bears: Bear Buddies features eight never-before-released episodes from the top-rated Saturday morning CBS TV series. If you’ve ever seen the show before, you know that it’s all about learning a positive lesson. I make sure everything my children watch has an educational base.


While supplies last, the all–new release comes packaged with a lovable toy bear buddy. These adorable toy bears come in 6 different color characters, but are available for a limited time only, so kids will be eager to search for their favorite color bears on store shelves – and collect them all!

Come journey with the Care Bears into Care-a-lot where the Care Bears learn about being true to themselves and each other. Watch as Share, Oopsy, Love-a-lot and the rest of the Care Bears embark on new adventures that focus on “friendship” from creating a rockin’ music band to trying to cheer up a sad friend. Care Bears: Bear Buddies teaches kids valuable lessons about being true to themselves and each other, understanding, and forgiveness – themes of emotional intelligence that help kids develop and are mom-friendly.


o Belly Ball
o All You Need Is…
o Battle of the Band
o Whose Friend Is Who
o Present and Accounted For
o Forget It
o Gone
o True Heart’s Big Trip

Care Bears: Bear Buddies, which also features Kid Friendly Direct Play, allowing kids to play the DVD without the assistance of a parent, will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

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