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20 Fantastic Free iPhone Apps For Parents


Mashable put together a post highlighting free APPS for parents. Here are the top 3:

WebMD: This phone app enables parents to look up symptoms and try to figure out what’s ailing their children. Of course, it shouldn’t take the place of professional medical advice, but for those cases when your child has a minor rash, fever, cough, etc., this is a great resource to try and narrow down what is going on, and prepare for a doctor visit if necessary.

Shutterfly: Although you won’t get professional quality photos from your iPhone, the 3 mega-pixels are sufficient for taking quick snapshots of your kids. And with this app, you can instantly upload photos to your Shutterfly account, send them to your friends and family, and let the bragging begin.

Time Out: Kids’ behavior is unpredictable and there’s no knowing when a time-out may be necessary. When you’re away from the confines of your house and your kids act up, this simple timer on your phone can be used to track a time-out.

Want to see the full list? Click here to check it out.

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