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  1. This is my 1st time responding to anything! Bear with me. This month’s issue of O Magazine has a wonderful article titled “A Greener Calling”.
    It is wonderful to see the religious people coming to terms with the
    Global crisis happening now. I am not a gung ho extremist but I do believe we all have to do our part.

    What upsets me is the article was buried on page 132 and there was no mention of it on the cover. I think this crisis is as important (or more so) than the 10 best books for summer!

    The reason I a have been effected by this problem is my husband, who is a “retired” scientist has been working fervishly for 2 yrs on developing hydrogen generators for vehicles the would put an end to the
    harmful immissions spued out ot automobiles now. His work is the best there is out there now and it all came from an enclosed carport in our driveway in “smalltown” AZ

    Also, he is recovering from prostrate cancer, (radiation was effective in erradicating it) but we feel there is a high possiblity it was caused by too much arsenic in our water.

    There I got that all off my chest, Thx for listening!

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