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Weight Watchers Offers Up Tips For The Busy Mom

Tips For The Busy Mom

Plain and simple – cook when you can and make plenty of it. Here are a few great tips from Weight Watchers perfect for the busy mom on the go. Do you know what day it is? If you had to take a minute to remember, read below. LOL!

Tips For The Busy Mom

“If I know that, say, Tuesday’s going to be crazy, I’ll cook a lot on Sunday and Monday,” says Mary Sue Milliken, one of the founding chefs of Santa Monica’s Border Grill, and a mother of two. “Then I have leftovers that I can pack up in a lunch or dinner.”

On pasta night, for example, Milliken might make a little extra and leave off the sauce. “For my younger boy, who’s a less adventurous eater, I’ll add a little olive oil and grated cheese,” she says. “For the older one, some chopped olives and cucumber, and maybe a little feta. Then on the morning that he’ll be taking it with him, I’ll add a little fresh vinaigrette.”

Milliken also roasts extra chicken on weekends with her sons’ weekday meals in mind. “I know my younger son likes the drumsticks, so I’ll save those for him.” Stocking up on travel containers made it easy for her to send off her kids with lots of little parcels: “I’ll do one with cut-up vegetables, and a small one of a dipping sauce,” she says.

There’s an added bonus to cooking ahead, says Brooklyn real estate developer Brennan Kearney, also a stepmother of a 14-year-old and mother of two toddlers. “Making a big batch of soup to eat throughout the week is my secret weapon,” she says, as much for the convenience factor as for all the vitamin-rich foods she can sneak into it. “Sophie [the teenager] willingly eats bean soup, lentil soup, or chicken soup, so I’ll add zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, celery, and sometimes corn — these are things she would never normally eat, but chopped up small, they’re unrecognizable.”

Great idea!

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