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10 Things To Bring To Disney That You Didn’t Think About – Disney Packing List

I’m sure you’ve read a hundred blog posts talking about Disney Packing List Essentials, but here are ten things that you absolutely need that no one is really talking about! My family just returned from a ten-day trip and these list items saved our sanity more times than once.

What are things to bring to Disney? Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick, jersey bike shorts, rain ponchos, a fanny pack, an extra bag for laundry, Disneybounding outfits, matching t-shirts, pins, and more.

Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick

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Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick

Do you have thighs that touch? How do you do in hot weather? As a heads up, you will be walking about 15,000 steps a day and if you think your skin won’t be able to handle that kind of friction, pack this Gold Bond stick and thank me later! I had plenty of friends and family SWEARING BY IT!

Hanes Women's Stretch Jersey Bike Short

Hanes Women’s Stretch Jersey Bike Short

Similar to the above, you need to make sure you have shorts long enough to cover the most sensitive skin on your legs if “chub rub” is a serious issue for you. We were fighting this all week and it caused a major problem for some of our group. Our girls were suffering big time because we didn’t have the right clothing. It is PAINFUL!

As a note, I don’t like the term “chub rub” but that is how it is referred to and searched for online. I’m just trying to get as many people as possible to this information. It wouldn’t be my preference to write that terminology, but I am really trying to help people with this issue.

20-Pack Disposable Rain Ponchos

20-Pack Disposable Rain Ponchos

It will rain if you visit Disney in the summer, so make sure to pack a few ponchos. You could buy a sturdy one or bring down a proper raincoat, but those options are heavy. We opted for a pack of disposable ones instead and just threw them in our bags before we headed out of the hotel.

Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack

Man, I literally don’t care what you have to say, fanny packs are where it is AT! I lived in my fanny pack all vacation long and it was everything that I needed to get me through the day. You can spend money and get a fancy one, or get over yourself and buy a $20 one, which is all you really need.

And yes, I know they have a new special name now to make them sound cooler. I don’t care. Just like the Triborough Bridge will always be the Triborough Bridge to me and not whatever new name they gave it.

An Extra Bag

We have a quilted cotton bag that we always pack in our suitcase “just in case”. It comes with us on every vacation. It folds into itself and is worth its weight in gold. Typically, we use it for any extra souvenirs or create a dirty laundry bag as soon as we land. It is a MUST-DO!

It’s nice to know it’s there as backup. Do we HAVE TO USE IT? No. But do we end up using it every single time we come home? Absolutely.

Since we are talking about bags, here’s a bonus! Bring a few garbage bags with you – at least a dozen. Nowadays, hotels do not service your rooms daily anymore and so your garbage will start to pile up. We collect all of our excess in our own garbage bags and set it out every night to keep our room nice and clean. We also use the bags to store laundry which helps separate our clean clothes from the ones already used.



You can’t physically pack anything from Shipt, but you can certainly sign up for a membership before you head to Disney. I ordered several things from Shipt from my hotel whenever I was in need. My shoes were killing me, so I ordered sneakers from Target. We wanted to save some money on breakfast, so we ordered cereal, milk, donuts, muffins, plates, bowls, and napkins from Publix on the day we arrived. It was MAGIC.

Use code 39tN3F to get a $10 credit on your annual membership when you sign up!


Disneybounding Outfit

It’s really easy to Disneybound as a princess in the park! All you need is to get a solid skirt and shirt with the base colors that they wear and add in a few accessories to tell the story that you want to tell. My daughter wanted to be Snow White and she wanted me to be the Evil Queen. So, we just played off the main color palette of each character and worked in a few small details – all from Amazon!


I know this one is cliche, but my children are 16, 14, and 8 and they all still love to trade pins! Make sure you have some pins that you are willing to trade with cast members and guests throughout the park. It is just so much fun to try to see what cool new designs you can score.

matching shirts

Matching Shirts

As far as Disney must-haves are concerned, we love to wear Disney Matching Shirts whenever we go away on a trip and try to make a point to do it at least once per visit. Typically, we get the set on Etsy, but you can do this from any store! All you have to do is head over to any place that sells Disney tees and grab everyone’s size!

Packing for Disney is easier than you think! Hopefully, these tips will make the experience a breeze. I know a lot of people focus on the essentials, but sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

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